Monday, January 18, 2010

perfect system: journal

Hey, Everybody! It's time for another Perfect System!
This time it's all about the journal. Lately, I've been really
enjoying the tiny Picadilly journals. They're basically a
Moleskine replica but cost half as much. I've found them
sporadically at Borders, usually in the clearance section
with other cheap journals. For $3.99!! These function for
me as an easy carry-along because of their size. And while
I don't do any painting in them (the paper's thin), they
make for a good place to pre-journal ideas, jot down
inspirations, take notes on art techniques, etc.

This time last year, I came across some prefab cardstock
index tabs that were made out of beautiful paper, and I
decided to put them to use in one of these Picadillys.
At the time, I was reading and taking notes on a variety
of books about collage, so I tabbed the first page of each
"section" and labeled it. I also labeled single pages that
had important ideas or passages from the Bible, so I could
find them easily later. Since then, I've gone back to this
journal several times to access information, and it was so
easy to find!! I have many other journals that I've gone back
to in order to pull out some piece of data and either been
unable to find what I was looking for or it just took forever.

So I've been experimenting with making my own index tabs,
and I plan to index the journal I'm currently using.
Who knows? Maybe when my kids are grown, I'll go back
and index all my old journals as well, so that when they toss
them out after I die, the trash will be well organized. Heh heh.

Anyway, I'm preparing a tutorial so that you, to, can index
your journals with adorable (or manly, if you prefer) tabs.
So stay tuned; I should have it up tomorrow.

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