Thursday, January 14, 2010

door of inspiration, all cleaned up now

This is the freshly cleared Door of Inspiration.
As you can see, Eric and I are thinking through new
paint colors for our room. Very inspiring!
Before I cleared the mess, I had fallen into using
my door as a catch-all for organizational items,
fun visual ideas, and a magnetic way of not losing
the Things-That-Must-Not-Be-Lost, such as jury duty
summons, doctor appointment referrals, etc.
This was very effective, and I may need a new
Perfect System so that I can replicate its usefulness
and not start losing the Things-That-Must-Not-Be-Lost.
Otherwise, what will become of me? I will be Very Frustrated.

The Door of Inspiration, also shown here,
was one of my responses to reading The Artist's Way
by Julia Cameron a few years ago. It's where I supposedly
post visual scraps of inspiring paraphernalia so that I
can keep them in view and in mind as I go about my days.


Layne Julia said...

Way to go Sue! How exciting...the idea itself is very inspiring :)

Rod Hugen said...

I find that most times when I lose the Things-That-Must-Not-Be-Lost it has a pretty deleterious effect on my ability to be Inspired. Spending a day looking for the lost jury duty summons is one of the more unproductive and un-inspirational days of my year so I think the Door of Inspiration could maybe include a small section on which to place the Things-That-Must-Not-Be-Lost so that you will be inspired to go to jury duty without having to waste the extra day looking for the summons. Unless, of course, stress inspires you. Oh, and bring your paints and sketchbook to jury duty along with snippets from your Door of Inspiration since you will spend lots of time watching day time television if you don't.

Susan Cepin said...

Thanks, Layne!
And Rod, I think these are very good points. There's nothing quite so draining on the creative juices as spending all of one's energy looking for lost Things-That-Must-Not-Be-Lost. And I'm quite happy to head off to jury duty, hoping (of course) that they will release me by lunch time and not actually expect me to sit on a jury. Because the waiting lounge is a lovely place to be ever since they renovated it.