Tuesday, January 19, 2010

index tab tutorial

As promised yesterday, here's a tutorial
for making your own index tabs!!

Step 1: Select Paper.
I prefer cardstock, because it's weighty
enough to not get all bent up. However,
be careful to choose a color that's not
too dark to write on (unless you have a
white pen handy) and that's not so busy
that you can't see what you've written.

Step 2: Choose Width.
I prefer 2 inch wide labels, because
they're big enough to write a couple
of words on. However, tiny tabs (1/2")
work, as do mediumish ones (1 inch).
Once the tabs get below an inch, it gets
hard to curve the corners. So plan on
sticking with square corners if you go
for tiny tabs. You could even measure
the height of your book and divide it
by the number of tabs you need. Use the
answer as the width of the tabs. Then
you can have them neatly lined up from
top to bottom!

Step 3: Cut Strips.
As I mentioned, 2 inches wide is
recommended. These are very forgiving
little guys, though. Most anything will do.

Here are my strips, in 2 inch widths,
1 inch, and 1/2 an inch (from left to right).

Step 4: Cut Rectangles From Strips.
The height of the rectangles should be
1.5 inches. This allows enough room to
write on the tabs and attach them.

Step 5: Fold Rectangles In Half.
Make sure you fold them horizontally
rather than vertically, so that they come
out 3/4" high when folded. Otherwise
you end up with very tall index tabs!

Step 6: Curve Corners.
I like to use a little corner punch.
It cuts easily through two layers of
standard cardstock. You want
to cut the corners along the fold.

Here are some little index tabs, all
ready to go. Notice that some are
curved around the corners and others
are square. Notice the little brown
tab off to the side -- remember how
yesterday I mentioned that these could
be manly? I think that one would do
nicely. Also a little more on the elegant side.

Step 7: Write On Label.
Take care to write on the upper
half (near the fold), as this is the
portion which will show once the
tab is attached to your journal.

Step 8: Apply Adhesive.
I prefer UHU Gluestick.
Any kind of glue, paste, gel medium,
or double-sided tape would work,
however. Apply to the entire interior.

Step 9: Attach To Page.
Here you want to put the front and
back of the index tab on either side
of a page and press firmly to attach.
Make sure the lower half of the tab
is on the paper, while the upper half
sticks up for easy viewing.

Step 10: Make A Bunch!
Here I have a collection of
index tabs in varying sizes so
I can easily grab one and use
it whenever the need arises!


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