Friday, December 28, 2012

washing makeup brushes

So... did you know that makeup brushes are
supposed to be washed prior to their first use?
And then, I guess, on a fairly regular basis after that.
Well, I hardly ever wear makeup, but being
an artist I'm always glad for the right tool
to do any job. So here are some of my new
makeup brushes. They're super soft,
and I'm looking forward to giving them a whirl.

But first I decided to give them a wash.
Apparently, you just have to dampen the hairs,
swirl them around in a mild soap (I used baby soap)
in your palm, and then rinse thoroughly, all
while keeping them pointed down-ish so as not to
get water inside the metal ferrule. Shape them
and dry flat on a towel. Once dry, give 'em a fluff,
and they're good to go! I was quite surprised how
much they acted just like paint brushes, but I
guess that's really what they are. So if you
haven't washed your makeup brushes in a while,
give it a go! They'll be glad you did.

1 comment:

Layne Julia said...

This post was adorable. I link the subtle British-esque phrases in there like "give 'em a fluff" and "give it a go" SO cute :)

And who knew right!? Glad you got to find some new brushes. Quite essential!