Sunday, December 30, 2012

pulling out the oil paints

So, I did the underdrawing for this painting about four
years ago. It was supposed to be a graduation gift.
It's from a photo that marks an important moment
in a life and a community and I think also somehow
captures the expression of a true identity -- some of you
were there and remember it, right? So I've always wanted
to finish this painting. However, I put my oils away a long time
ago and have just decided to bring them out again. I was afraid
they might be all dried up, but things appear to be
in working order. Now if I can just remember how to paint!

1 comment:

Layne Julia said...

Wow - I knew instantly what this was a picture of from the moment it popped up on my screen. So dang cool Sue...even if you never touched it again, it still looks awesome! Happy painting!