Friday, December 7, 2012

picture day

The monastery I went to last weekend has a bevy of
peafowl (did you know that only the males are
referred to as peacocks?). More to come on that.

Today I am spending a ridiculous amount of time
getting my family ready for a photo shoot.
As I do this, I realize just how rarely we all
get spiffed up at the same time. Tucson is
a very casual place, and even at formal events
there will be a full spectrum of attire,
from shorts to dress gowns. For the four of us,
even the weekly Sunday worship service
(which in many families might motivate synchronized
spiffiness) is very casual. We often wear what
we would any other day, unless one of us
decides to attempt a fashion statement.
But more likely than not, another of us will be
shoe-free within ten minutes of entering
the building. So I am in the throes of making
sure all four of us are freshly bathed with
proper outfits washed and ironed for this
highly unusual occurance.

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