Thursday, December 13, 2012

closet renovations

Well, for some reason, Eric and I decided
that we had to remodel our closet.
Two weeks before Christmas.
So this has been my scene lately. It's
astonishing how much stuff we had managed to
cram in there. In the past two days, we have
displaced all closet contents, sorted through
(and given or thrown away bucketloads of) them,
reorganized our clothes into drawers and baskets
so that we only have one small section on hangers,
painted the entire closet, built shelves, and
moved what's left back into the closet. Today we'll
put together a desk so all office-related tasks
can happen comfortably in the now super-cute closet.
I'm not sure why these sorts of events have
to happen at the most inopportune of times.
Perhaps it's because there never actually is a
right time for any sort of upheaval.
Plus, who doesn't love a good deadline?
And on we go with life.

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