Monday, May 21, 2012

teacher gifts

I started crocheting three months ago just to barely get four sets of these
teacher gifts made, and voila! Here they are (Whew!). To get the lovely little
watermelon dish scrubbies, I modified this pattern at

I used her dishcloth pattern straight up. The watermelon is actually easier
than the dishcloth, as it is just a circle folded in half and sewn around the edges.
I figure everyone has dishes to scrub, right? 
And watermelon is just so summery.
Ashton is delighted to give these to as many teachers as possible, 
but Elliott is in no way eager to claim them as his own -- 
"You can just give it to her yourself, Mommy." 

 Maybe I should have used camouflage-colored yarn for one of them!

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