Saturday, May 19, 2012

sabbatical musings

As some of you know, my husband Eric and I have been gearing up

for a two-month sabbatical this year. We're nearing the birthday of

the church we planted with other dear friends almost eleven years ago.

As a pastor, Eric has always planned to take a sabbatical on the tenth

year, and things have fallen into place beautifully for that to happen.

In two weeks, we'll be heading off on a road trip to Oregon with our kids.

Friends of the family have graciously offered us a place to stay while we're there.

After that, we'll be back in town but not living at home for the rest of the summer.

In the midst of that time, we hope to make good headway on Eric's book,

spend a lot of time as a family, and see where the adventure takes us!

I'll be packing my paints, my Bible, and my guitar (along with the aforementioned

husband and children), and hope to return freshly inspired in many arenas.

So don't go away, folks -- I'll be posting updates as we travel along!


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