Friday, September 2, 2011

was it a detour or a doorway?

I have hardly picked up a paintbrush in the past year and a half.
I would like to step back into this particular branch of the creative
road, however. As I do, I realize that I have lost fluency. I have
lost a sense of how to go about the various processes. I have very
little hope of things turning out the way I imagine them and even
less hope of finding all the tools I vaguely remember having. 

The journal page above is today's attempt to resurrect this 
long-lost part of my life. It is also a meditation on how 
change comes, and how sometimes, but not always, 
it is a result of our own choices. I wonder if some 
of the directions I've chosen were detours or doorways. Would 
I have chosen differently if I had been listening along the way?


Laelia Catherine Watt said...

These painted/mixed media collage pieces are my FAVORITE things that you do! Also I love the new background!

Layne Julia said...

Way to go and brave into your fears and imperfections! It's so scary to see them, but hopefully God will use it to teach us how to give more grace, huh? But I think the page looks cool anyways :)

Susan Cepin said...

Thanks, Laelia! Good to hear from you, & thanks for the encouaging words!
Good point, Layne -- things that look different on the surface between people are often similar underneath. And what do we survive on but grace?