Monday, August 22, 2011

latest book

I just finished reading a book called Healing Through Exercise,
by Jorg Blech. Aside from the comprehensive dependence on 
evolutionary theory to explain the findings presented, it's an
excellent read. The author goes through a variety of research
which supports the value of basic, regular exercise to defend against
all sorts of illnesses and many of the common symptoms of aging.

What surprised me most was how frequently the statistics pointed
to low-intensity activity as having a substantial impact.
A brisk, thirty-minute walk (or jog or bike ride) five or more days
of the week has been shown, among other things, to decrease the
incidence of head colds by one-half, reduce stress reactions,
significantly combat depression, push back the onset of age-related diseases,
and diminish the chance of heart attack by one-third.

Other varied amounts and types of exercise were shown to cause the release
of stem cells and the growth of new neurons and arteries, increase testosterone
levels (thus reducing impotence), prevent Alzheimer's and cancer, improve
concentration and coordination in children with ADHD, reverse chronic
and acute back pain, reduce arthritis pain while increasing mobility, and
turn around age-related strength and muscle loss, thereby improving quality of life.

This book focuses on the way that the fields of science and medicine are
beginning to recognize the benefits of physical movement as comparable,
complementary, or sometimes favorable to medical intervention. It also
discusses the many dangers of bed rest being a primary treatment plan for
all sorts of ailments and suggests the benefits of moderate exercise in its place.
Because the research findings are presented in a readable, interesting format,
I easily read the book from cover to cover. It's an encouraging look at the
 rewards we can reap in our own lives with a daily investment of a relatively
 small amount of time and energy. Tennis shoes, here I come!!

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