Friday, August 26, 2011

170 cupcakes what I've cooked up these past couple of days.
My mom, God bless her, came over and helped me
frost them all this morning. It took three hours
What if I had done it by myself?! I really enjoyed 
talking with her as we worked. The time flew by.
The reason for the amount of cupcakes, besides
the fact that we don't know how many people will
come to Elliott's birthday party (he's six already --
can you believe it?!) is that the theme is Mario, and
I was inspired by this pixel mosaic idea. Well,this
particular Mario is made up of 168 pixels (1 cupcake
= 1 pixel). Which is better than the 1-up mushroom 
that requires 238. Anyway, besides loving pixel art,
I liked this idea because it creates an overall image
without complicating the design of each individual
cupcake. I'll post a photo once we get him set up.
Oh... also, my mom suggested freezing the cupcakes
before frosting, and it definitely made things go 
faster. They did much less crumbling into the frosting.


Abby Green said...

I love your mario cupcake mosaic! Ryanhood has a music video they are working on right now and it all takes place in the original mario game...I'll try to send it to you when they are done. I think you may very well appreciate it, given your 3 hours of frosting. :)

Susan Cepin said...

Sounds fun! I look forward to seeing it!!