Sunday, May 15, 2011

the flower boat

 Last week we took the old sandbox boat (the "Sandboat")
that the kids have grown out of and turned it into a flower boat.
 We moved it into the new garden, filled it with soil, and planted 
a bunch of flowers in it. As well as some canteloupe that
Elliott really wanted to try out. Maybe one of these days I'll
go after the boat with a paintbrush to spruce it up a bit. 
Until then, we'll let the flowers do that work for us!
 The original cover was too opaque, so I took the netting that was
previously used to cover the sand, added strips of burlap around 
the edges, and created a new sunshade. The main purpose of this
is actually to keep the rhus lancea seeds from the overhanging tree
out. It's not the most sophisticated sewing job, but it does the trick!!
 Here are a couple of closeups of the flowers we planted in there.

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