Monday, March 7, 2011

new chairs

I am feeling very blessed lately to have been able to order 18 
new chairs for our dining room. Living in a community house, 
we go through dining chairs like nobody's business. There's the 
wear and tear of nine people using them on a regular basis, 
plus all the friends we love to feed. But replacing chairs for 
a table that seats twelve at its smallest is pricey business, so 
we always get a bit nervous when this time approaches. So far, 
God has graciously provided a new set of chairs every time
we've gotten down to a metal folding chair or two in permanent
residence at the table. This round was no different. This time,
though, I was very excited to find affordable, wooden-seated
metal restaurant chairs which are comfy, pretty, and have a 
lifetime warranty! So maybe we'll be able to enjoy these even 
longer than the rest. Also, they shipped free (with a purchase of 
16 or more) and came so well protected that unwrapping them 
took longer than getting them assembled!


loca said...

Just so you know- I am taking notes! Maybe we'll learn from your mistakes and just start with ordering solid chairs!! Did you order 16 and get free shipping???

PS I miss you.

Susan Cepin said...

I miss you, too!! Yes, we got the free shipping. I think some of their chairs only require an order of 12 for the free shipping deal!