Saturday, February 26, 2011

on snail mail

I ordered this package of d-rings and miscellaneous
handbag hardware from an etsy shop in Thailand
on the last day of January. Two weeks later, I had 
about lost hope of ever receiving it. At that point, I 
realized that I'm accustomed to getting things in the mail 
within a few days of ordering them! In fact, I sometimes 
receive an order the next day -- before I even start 
looking forward to it coming! This brought to mind 
the good ol' days, where anything ordered would take 
6-8 weeks to arrive. SIX TO EIGHT WEEKS!!! 
That's forty-two to fifty-six days of anticipation.
Do you remember checking the mailbox every day for
weeks on end? And then finally getting what you've been
waiting for? I kind of miss that rhythm of life. 

At least we still have rebates.  

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Abby Green said...

Oh, I sooo agree with you on this!