Monday, January 24, 2011

stamping indiscretions

 While I'm regularly tempted by (and generally resist) any $2 pack of stamps,
when I saw this to-do list set at 80% off the original price I had to have it.
After all, it contains numbers, lines, and (hold me back) a check mark.
Now that it's mine, I realize how impractical the whole idea is
(thus the clearance price tag?). I mean, I could finish half my to-do list
in the time it took me to stamp this index card. However, I do think that
the number and day stamps will be super cute on a birthday invitation someday!


Kelsea Nicole said...

Well, maybe you could use it to stamp up a nice gift set of to-do lists for someone who loves this stuff as much as you do? :)

Susan Cepin said...

Good thinking, Kelsea!