Wednesday, January 26, 2011

owl pocket is done!

Ashton and I spent some time sewing on Monday afternoon, 
and here's the result. I think it's quite fabulous. 
The heart was Ashton's idea. The eyes were a bit of a booger
to attach, what with fabric stretching and sewing in a circle
and such, but they'll pass. My only concern is that the pattern
calls for wool felt, which is hard to find locally (if you know
otherwise, please do inform!). I went with acrylic felt for the facial
features, which probably won't stand up well to washing.


Layne Julia said...

So cute!!! AHHHH! What a lovely project to do together!

Susan Cepin said...

Thanks, Layne! You know, I'm really digging owls lately. Maybe ever since that birthday card you gave me....

Susan Cepin said...

By the way, I did find some wool felt in a local Joann store. There's a small color selection which includes a range of pure wool and wool blends, all on the bolt.