Thursday, August 26, 2010

ironing bliss

As a way of helping me kick off my new business, my parents gave me this amazing iron
as an early birthday gift. The base is a steam generator, which holds about two cups of water.
It has a trigger and a setting for constant steam so you don't have to hold it down all the time.
Also, the iron and the steam generator have separate controls, so it's possible to have one
on without the other: great for working with fancy fabrics (no water spots, please)
or for producing steam w/o heat (curtains, here I come!). 

What I'm loving most about it is that it works. 
Our previous iron would get hot, but leaked like 
crazy if filled with water. Also, being cordless, it
had to be recharged regularly in the middle of any
ironing project. This one just presses on, so to speak.

The more I read about sewing, the more I discover the importance of good and constant
ironing. So this is a splendid gift for the start of all the sewing that's to come. Thanks, Mom and Dad!


Kelsea Nicole said...

"Just presses on?" Pun completely intended, right? I love puns! Thanks for the smile :)

Susan Cepin said...

And thanks for enjoying my pun! :)