Wednesday, August 11, 2010

cookie fun is on its way

Elliott's birthday is fast approaching! I figured I'd better get
a leg up on it, since I'll be sponsoring a school celebration
for him this year, one week after class starts.

He is WAY into Mario Brothers right now, so I started with 
a little internet research on Mario desserts. I considered
trying to copy these amazing cupcakes, but decided I'd best
stick with something I'm good at: sugar cookies!

So I ordered this mushroom cookie cutter from a few days ago. It came today, packed 
in a sturdy box and wrapped up in bright yellow tissue paper, 
like a little gift! They even threw in the little baggy of cookie 
decorating sprinkles you see in the photo. Now, how fun is that?
I'll keep you posted as the cookie process continues!

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