Friday, September 18, 2009

flowers abound

Here's the finished product!
I made these with the Wilton Stackable Flower cookie cutter set.
It comes with the base flower shape, a petal shape, and the bee.
The stems are just candy sticks -- they're paper, but they bake up fine.
I used Martha Stewart's recipe for cookies & icing, and here's what I learned:
I like the cookies better with salted butter than unsalted, because the
icing really sweetens things up. Also, using brandy instead of milk makes
the dough easier to work when it comes out of the fridge. Finally, I prefer
sugar cookies when they're 1/4" thick instead of 1/8". You have to cook 'em
a little longer to get that golden edge, but it makes for a good, soft center.
Oh -- the thing I'm most excited about with these is that I figured out how to
color them without any chemical food dyes. The purple is from frozen
blueberries, and the yellow bee is from turmeric (with chocolate stripes).
How cool is that?

Here's a classroom's worth of sugar cookies.
It's been my art project for the week, and yes, if I start
complaining about not having enough time to paint,
you can remind me of this.


Laelia Catherine Watt said...

Wow! These are beautiful! I wish my birthday was coming up! ;D

Susan Cepin said...

Yay! I love to celebrate! Keith suggested a sugar cookie version of the international space station for his 50th birthday next year. I'm pondering the possibilities...