Monday, May 24, 2010

ice cream maker

Summer is here!!
Ashton and I made lime ice and grapefruit ice this morning.
It's also time for homemade vanilla ice cream,
homemade chocolate ice cream,
homemade coffee ice cream, 
homemade brownie ice cream, etc., etc., etc.


Rod Hugen said...

Homemade peach ice cream! Except you have to go to the orchard and pick the peaches off your tree and then go visit Uncle Rich and Aunt Wilma and you have to take your turn on the hand crank and then you all get a big huge dish of fresh peach ice cream and you get brain freeze and a stomach ache and you have a sticky face because you licked the paddle and you go home and fall into bed exhausted after playing Star Light Star Bright, and Red Rover, and catching lightning bugs and having way too much fun with your cousins. Or was that just me...

Thanks for the memories. Definitely peach ice cream, though.

Susan Cepin said...

Ah, that sounds wonderful. And fabulously delicious. And wonderfully exhausting.
I wonder how my kids will remember the homemade ice cream of their childhood!