Friday, May 21, 2010

grandma lefever's pin cushion

I've been working on my reversible bag project, 
and I was just caught by the beauty of this little pin cushion.
I'm pretty sure my grandmother crocheted it herself.
I discovered it in one of the drawers of the sewing machine
table she gave me when I got married. The sewing machine
was hers as well -- it's a 1950s beige Singer. I just love it.
I love that it's almost entirely made of metal. I love that it's 
built into the table and that the table has little retro brass knobs
and feet. I only wish that I had seen my grandma use it.
She lost her eyesight when I was three to macular degeneration
of the retina, and all of her handiwork became a thing of the past.

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