Tuesday, May 11, 2010

bag addict

As you may have noticed, I'm an absolute bag addict.
I don't sport a variety of bags on a regular basis, but
that's only because I'm also a bag perfectionist -- I prefer
my daily bag to have enough pockets to house the basics
but not enough to get overfull and egregiously heavy. 
I do, however, often grab a languishing option 
from my bag basket for random tasks 
such as library-book-toting or laptop-roving.

I am also a firm believer in sending bags along when
they are fabulous but for some reason not fitting the bill. 
In fact, the bag from this previous post went from me 
(too overstuffable and square-cornered) to one friend and then 
another once the first had moved on to her next purse.  

So, I am delighted to be enjoying this beautiful hand-me-
down from Lori as she packs up & narrows down her 
belongings for the summer. I remember admiring this one
(made for her by a friend who owns Radbags) several 
years ago, when she first moved to Tucson. I love how
the colors interact but don't necessarily match. Also the
varied textures and finishes, from shiny to ripply to flat.
And notice that it is definitely not overstuffable.

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sonrisa said...

I am a bag lady too! LOVE THEM!