Monday, July 6, 2009

it's time for... another perfect system!!

This is my tiny sewing corner. It's in the main storage closet,
which is already quite full. So, not a lot of room to keep supplies.
I finally got fed up with having thread in several places and
particularly thread in the drawer tying every last thing together.
However, the wooden thread holder I came across yesterday was $14.99.
I recalled a wooden thread board my dad made for my mom years ago out
of nails and a piece of plywood, and then I noticed this nice 1x4 going
across the wall a couple of feet above the sewing machine.
So there it is: lovely thread organization using only the supplies at hand.
It's a perfect system!


Kelsea Nicole said...

I came across another perfect system the other day. My mom occasionally makes jewelry: earrings, bracelets and necklaces. She uses a bag made for people who tie flies to use for fly-fishing. It fits several boxes that are divided into squares for each bead, and has two compartments on the end, one for strings and threads, the other for tools like mini-scissors and mini-pliers. She brought it out the other day so that I could fix a necklace of mine that had broken. I immediately thought of you :D

Laelia said...

That looks great! I should do that. Right now I keep all my thread in a hat box, which works pretty well. Ah, the simple joys of organization.

Susan Cepin said...

Kelsea, that's so fun! It's compact, easy to store, efficient, and has multiple textures. I love it.
Laelia, I really like the idea of keeping tiny things (especially ones that you use sometimes) in a hat box. How beautiful and classy! I think it would qualify as its own perfect system.