Wednesday, April 8, 2009

sir elliott -- a work in progress

Here's another piece-in-progress. I started working from a photo of the adorable e-boy in a hoodie, and I realized how much it looked like a chain mail coif. And since he's always running around with a foamy sword, here's Sir Elliott! He's not thrilled with the idea, but I explained clearly to him that artists must have their creative freedom. Of course, if he still hates it when the whole thing is finished, you may be seeing the hoodie version soon.

As for guitar lesson #1? It went swimmingly. I realized on my way there that what I felt most nervous about was having to decide for myself what I need to learn next. That's kind of how my last round of lessons went: I'd bring a recording of some song or guitar line I wanted to learn, & the instructor would teach it to me. That meant I had to be prepared with what I had been practicing since the last lesson AND be planning my curriculum for the next one. No thank you! What I'm paying for is someone else to know what I need to learn next and tell me what it is. This guy seemed down with that, and he sent me home with four new scales that I would never have practiced if I weren't paying someone to force me into it! So thanks, Kim, for the recommendation. And thanks, Av, for the lessons!

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