Wednesday, June 26, 2013


My failure to blog lately has not been for lack of interesting things to
talk about, but rather for a complete lack of motivation to snap a decent
photo. Maybe one of these days soon I'll strap my camera on and get to it!
Anyway, in search of fun, air-conditioned exercise activities for the
kids this summer, I discovered our local roller rink's summer pass.
I love to roller skate and don't especially like to swim, so this was a
no-brainer. It has, of course, taken the three of us a little time to work
the kinks out of our process, find the right skates, etc. But we're meeting
people, getting into a rhythm, learning how to keep track of our skates,
and even figuring out how to skate backwards!!
In my random skate-related internet research, I came across the
skate leash. This is a strap with some sort of loop at either end
to wrap around any part of each skate (the brake, wheels, etc.)
for easy towing. I figured out how to make my own rather than
shell out the $20 they want online, and I'll post a tutorial on it soon.
Maybe you need one, too!

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