Friday, May 10, 2013

storage makeover

As the craft closet gets more and more cramped and our household
cleaning supplies cry out for a hiding place, I have started plotting out
a storage overhaul. It requires moving things around between five
spaces in our home but will hopefully end with a nicely organized
storage system (for the first time ever) and some breathing room
for painting and sewing. I was very excited about leaping into this
before the coming of the summer heat until I got the flu last weekend
and landed flat on my face. But like the dandelion, I will rise.
Speaking of which, I just finished the 100 Cupboards trilogy, by
N. D. Wilson. I highly recommend it, but only if you have either a
great deal of discipline or some time on your hands -- it's hard to set down!


Susan P said...

I could use another carseat if you are getting rid of one, so we could have an extra in Benji's car again. That is what we used to have until Neo grew into the bigger sized carseat. And you could always borrow it back... Re-arranging / decluttering can be so inspiring! We just rearranged our living room and I'm loving it so far.

Susan Cepin said...
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Susan Cepin said...

I'm so glad you asked! I have an extra carseat that I was storing for future Brunson grandbabies. Not that there's any hurry -- I just figured we might as well keep it on hand. I'll make sure it has all necessary parts and bring it on Sunday.