Thursday, March 7, 2013

jury duty

Hiya, Peeps! I have yet to figure out
how to get a decent scan or even a 
decent photo of a pencil sketch, so 
I suppose this will have to do. 
Last time I had jury duty, it entailed
a delightful lunch downtown and six
hours of waiting in a fairly uncomfortable chair 
which was, however, located in a sunny patch 
of winter light. I was never selected for 
a jury, so I headed home after learning from 
a fellow waitee that America's Test Kitchen 
has a superior recipe for crunchy-but-chewy 
gingerbread cookies. True, but make sure you cut 
the cooking time in half. The six hours was well
worth finding a good recipe, but as you can
see in the sketch, I grew tired of the waiting.

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