Saturday, February 9, 2013

my favorite dishcloth

As I mentioned before, I have been maintaining a few
obsessive pursuits so far this year. Here's one of them:
I was introduced to the wonderful world of handmade
dishcloths by my friend Hannah a couple of years ago.
She taught me that cotton is the best yarn for these
things, since it is more absorbent than acrylic as well
as less scratchy (I hear acrylic yarn can make for good
kitchen scrubbies, since it is slightly more abrasive).

I had seen the sort of homemade dishcloth pictured above
and didn't much care for the way it looked. But I liked
the idea of having something to wipe down kitchen counters
and then toss in the laundry, easily washing out all the
germs and bacteria therein.
So I started with crochet. I enjoyed all the lovely colors
available. I tried single crochet, double crochet, half
double crochet, scallops around the edge, etc. They looked
great! Unfortunately, these all came out rather dense. The
tight weave, in fact, only thickened up in the laundry,
making them very difficult to get dry between uses at the
sink. So I moved on to a Granny Square pattern.
This one had more open spaces but was even thicker than
the last, taking me back to (you guessed it)...
the trusty knitted dishcloth. It's stretchy,
springy, and just the right thickness. When it
gets all bent out of shape, we know for sure
that the time has come to toss it in the wash
and grab another one off the shelf.
If you'd like to try your hand at this, find the pattern here.
Just be warned: it may take you down a long and winding road!

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