Friday, June 15, 2012

week 2

Eric and Ashton have been feeling crummy all week.

We finally went to urgent care yesterday to find out that Eric

has strep throat!! Looks like Ashton might have the same thing --

they said that kids often test negative at first and then show up

positive the next day. After 12 hours on antibiotics, they're looking

much perkier. In spite of the malaise, it's been a restful week of

beauty. The weather is similar Tucson in February (just greener!).

I'm currently reading King's Cross by Tim Keller and the 2nd book of the

Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan. We've been getting remarkably

little done on book writing and other accomplishments, which we're okay with --

I think this part of the summer is about recovery & reorientation.

So, we've watched movies (saw Madagascar 3 in the theater -- it was hi-lar-ious),

played basketball, sat in coffee shops, gone thrifting, and taken long naps. Yum!


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