Thursday, June 21, 2012

perfect system: briefcase!

Last spring, I found this fabulous desk-in-a-briefcase at the thrift store by our house.
As you can see, it has pockets and a blotter/writing surface inside.
The lid contains an expandable file which shuts with a snap or,
with a twist, can be completely removed.
Lift the desktop to reveal the storage compartment.

Isn't this fun?!?

At the time, I was short on cash. So I left it behind,
but I really liked it. My loving husband gave me the ten dollars
to go back and pick it up (fully aware as he is that I need another container/bag
about as much as I need another hole in my head), and then
the cashier only charged me five dollars for it when I got to the register! Yay!

Once school got out, we kicked off what we called the
Summer School Enrichment Program
where every weekday we would go somewhere fun
with the briefcase (full of paper, pencils, math worksheets, etc.).
Eric or I would come up with assignments
to help the kids gird up their academic weak spots or jump into
some area of interest. We usually focused on writing and math
each day. There were often Izze sodas involved.

So far this summer, the briefcase has been closed.
I brought it with us on vacation, but we've been doing very vacationy
sorts of things instead. Summer School will have to wait 'til we get home.
The closest we've gotten is some occasional handwriting practice
in these cute workbooks I found on Amazon that have inspiring quotes
and jokes to practice on. The kids love them!

Do you have a perfect system? What is it? How does it work?

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