Saturday, February 19, 2011

my latest collection

Yep -- you guessed it! This is my collection of dead plants.
Well, the ones at the top are dead, anyway. 
Most of the plants toward the bottom are just hibernating.
In fact, many of them got trimmed back this morning
in preparation for the new spring growth that will
kick in any day now. And I tell you, I am looking forward
to it! As for these potted wonders, however, it's back
to the seed packet. I hope I can get inspired and motivated
before it's too hot to think. I guess I have a few days yet....

Don't let the "green" ground cover fool you -- that's just the dead
mesquite leaves that suddenly, simultaneously decided to let go on Wednesday,
covering our cars as well as the whole yard in a dense blanket of crunchiness.

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