Saturday, February 12, 2011

failed (er... "repurposed") freezer paper stencil

I was inspired by Handmade Mommy to make a 
stenciled bag for a friend's birthday recently, since I 
had just bought the largest roll of freezer paper I've
ever seen. I followed the suggested tutorial to a T,
cutting the business logo out of freezer paper, ironing
it onto my duck cloth, and filling in the shape with 
fabric paint. However, when I came back the next
morning and peeled the freezer paper template off,
the shape was all globby around the edges.
Since it was a last-minute gift idea (no time to re-stencil), I cut the
birdy out and tried to sew it on as an unfinished-edge applique.
This clearly wasn't going to be sturdy enough to hold up on a bag
that got any use at all, so I cut out the square, left the black threads
hanging off the edges, and made it the gift tag for another gift altogether.
I wish I had snapped a picture of it, because it turned out to be
an uncommonly groovy gift tag. As for freezer paper stencils,
I suspect the problem may have been my fabric. I would like to
try this whole thing again with a less course fabric -- maybe knit
(like the tutorial) or muslin. As for the Merdeka birdy, perhaps
I'll give the bag a go again later and just stick with handpainting!

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