Tuesday, November 9, 2010

sick days

So I've been flat on my back the past couple of days. 
And last Wednesday as well.
The funny thing is that I felt pretty great in between.

"And why the cactus," you ask?
Good question. 
Was that correctly punctuated?
Or is it: "And why the cactus?", you ask.
No, that doesn't look right.

My husband was adamant about getting me to the doctor yesterday,
even though I was quite sure I'd recover on my own.
I'm glad I went, though, because even with the Z-pack I'm having a 
hard time moving today. Very achy. I intend to be well tomorrow,
so if we have plans, don't assume they're canceled!

Oh -- another thing. While I've been lying here thinking about the 
past and my many plans for the future, I have decided to start 
sketching again. I'm not sure why I stopped. I think I started thinking
too much. I wanted to create something more symbolically meaningful.
But now I'm not creating anything at all. 
So back to the drawing board, as they say.
Back to the drawing board.

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