Thursday, July 15, 2010

summer reading

My latest reading has been The Power of Less, by Leo Babauta.
Time management is one of my major weaknesses, so I found
it very interesting. I especially like his ideas about single-tasking
instead of multi-tasking. After all, I'm a notoriously lousy
multi-tasker; but I have yet to become a super-effective single-
tasker! I also think his ways of dealing with home paperwork
have some good potential, as well as his fluid but prioritized
way of attacking the daily schedule. Now to try it out!


Susan P said...

I reserved it at the library. Hopefully that doesn't mean you can't renew yours :-)

Susan Cepin said...

That actually happens sometimes with this blog! I returned it on Monday, however, so it should be headed your way soon! :)