Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Whew! I'm back to painting again! It's been a long time, 
and I must say I've been distracted by all things bag related. 
I've been researching interfacing, soaking up sewing books 
(Sewing For Dummies is definitely a worthwhile read!), 
cutting out patterns, and reading up on tax codes. 
I have no intention of losing the habit I started this blog out for 
in the first place, however. So the painting will go on!

Here's one of the clownfish we saw at the Birch Aquarium.
I have loved clownfish ever since Finding Nemo.
Did you know that all clownfish start out as males,
and when the female member of the breeding pair dies,
the dominant male changes gender and becomes a female?!?

I believe this means that Nemo's dad should have become his mom.

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Layne Julia said...

What a great drawing and awesome facts to go with it - so intriguing :)