Friday, July 30, 2010

book review: sewing for dummies

If you ever sew, or think about sewing, at any level from 
beginner to advanced, you've got to read Sewing for 
Dummies, by Jan Saunders Maresh. Twice.
I checked it out from the library, read the whole thing,
and when I started my next sewing project, I checked it
out again as a reference. It covers all the basics of 
sewing, from creating a buttonhole to reading a pattern.
There are also lots of pointers for making various 
sewing tasks easier, many of which include the temporary 
use of (who would have guessed?) invisible tape.
Then there's stuff I had never heard of, like the 
difference between pressing and ironing, the fact that
pressing stitches can secure the stitching in place, 
and how/when to hand-tie instead of backstitching threads.
With lots of tips, descriptions, and illustrations, this book
is a must-read for anyone in any way interested in sewing!

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