Saturday, April 3, 2010

song of solomon

This is an illustration I drew up for my husband's upcoming sermon series.
I just can't get away from the Teesha Moore underpinnings --
there's just so much I love about her figure drawing style!


Laelia Catherine Watt said...


Susan Cepin said...

Thanks, Laelia!

Susan P said...

I especially love the way you did the tree colors!

BTW I'm blogging now -

Susan Cepin said...

Thanks, Susan! I painted the tree in with clear water and then "floated" the color into it.
Welcome to the blogosphere!

Rod Hugen said...

I don't know about the accuracy of this: Her teeth don't look like freshly washed shorn sheep and her breasts are not like twin gazelle fawns. Her neck isn't exactly like the tower of David as I remember it and her nose definitely does not look like the tower of Lebanon looking toward Damascus. But other than that, she is great!!! :)

Susan Cepin said...

So true! Maybe some day I'll give her a literal translation upgrade!