Wednesday, March 17, 2010

new closet of craftiness

Eric and I spent yesterday painting the storage closet, 
which used to be a grayish seafoam green color 
that was there when we bought the house 11 years 
ago. The above picture just doesn't adequately 
capture the depressing capacity of this hue.

We repainted it into a very pale tan called ginger root,
which reflects light so much better -- it is, after all, a 
closet. And having moved all the storage items elsewhere,
we're in the process of moving in art supplies, craft bins,
and sewing stuff. It will be the sewing & crafting nook.
How exciting! Also, as you can see in this photo, there's
a shelf where things-which-must-be-plugged-in can remain
plugged in, and the power strip can just be flipped on or off.
Below this shelf is a 6-foot long table, so everything's 
easily accessible. I just can't wait to use it! 


Julie Brunson said...

It's very depressing that I actually painted the closet that sea-foam green, when we were helping out the lady who sold us the house before we thought about buying it ourselves. Alas!

It looks great. Can't wait to craft in there when I get home.

Susan Cepin said...

I forgot all about that, Booj! That is a sad and ironic tale. Except the part where we all bought the house and moved in together. :)
Anyway, I think you'll love it!