Thursday, November 5, 2009

commercial break

While we're pausing from the Seattle trip, I thought I'd showcase some creativity from
other people. My housemate Julie and I figured out how to clean our house together
a few years ago (finally, after living here for several years). Our process generally begins
with a power-up. We were joking about this one time by giving each other a fist bump
and saying, "Wonder twin powers, activate!" My Bolivian sister-in-law was here,
who grew up watching the American Justice League translated into Spanish.
So she rattled off the Spanish quote, which I don't remember at all. But she adjusted it
for us (the Fantastic Women) into: "Poderes de las mujeres fantasticas, ACTIVENSE."
Which is now what we say whenever we start housecleaning (and a few times
along the way if we're in need of extra energy). So for my birthday, Julie had
the above shirt made, which will be the quintessential housecleaning uniform.

And this is the inside of the card. Jesse did the ninja art, which I happen to find very inspiring.
Shouldn't we all be portrayed as ninjas from time to time? There's a ninja to represent each
person in the house (plus me, w/o the mask, up there). And the fact that their weapons
are mops is, well... perfect.

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