Wednesday, October 21, 2009

happy birthday to me!

Hi again! I am back from vacation and will begin posting the Seattle Trip Chronicles
tomorrow. But for now, today is my birthday! And, while I have thought for several months
(possibly the whole year) that I was already 36, I came to realize this week that I
was actually 35 and this is now my 36th birthday. Weird, huh? So I am turning 36. Again.
This resolves some questions I was beginning to have about the timeline of my life which
were making me think I was crazy. Now I know it's just that my memory's shot.


Laelia Catherine Watt said...

hahaha! That is hilarious. I guess it is a good problem to have. At least you weren't thinking you were 36 and then came to realize you were really 39 turning 40! That would have been a shock!

Susan Cepin said...

No kidding! It's like a little gift I didn't know I was giving myself.

Susan P said...

I did this the past year too! I thought all year I would be turning 35, but actually I turned 34! I didn't figure it out until my husband corrected me I had told someone I was about to turn 35. :-)

Susan Cepin said...

Yay! I'm glad I'm not alone in doing that sort of thing. Your birthday was recent, too! Happy 34th Birthday!