Saturday, August 22, 2009

martha stewart made my day

Today we had a little boy birthday party for Elliott.
He's been looking forward to this all summer, since the girls
have happily shared all their birthday lore with him and
hosted many a pretend birthday party. It was so cute to catch
his smile while everyone was singing Happy Birthday to him --
he recognized that this was the moment he'd been waiting for.
Fortunately for me, I found Martha Stewart's Monkey-Party-in-a-box
on clearance 5 months ago, so all I had to do was send out the
monkey invitations and put out the monkey cups.
Of course, I couldn't pass up making these monkey cupcakes
from the February edition of Martha Stewart magazine.
I adapted mine a little, using marzipan (which I love) instead of fondant
for the face shapes. Now, how fun is that?


cori said...

oh my goodness!
what an amazing smile, love that you were able to catch it :-)

Laelia said...

He is so freakin' CUTE!

Dorkys Ramos said...

Aww he's adorable! Hope he had a lovely birthday :)

Layne Julia said...

and i just have to add that those cupcakes were freaking good :)