Tuesday, July 14, 2009

tub time!

I've spent so much time next to this tub during
the past 7 years, overseeing baths.
When I was in 5th grade, somebody at my school
had a 2-year-old sibling who drowned in the tub
when her mom went to answer the phone. She was
only gone a couple of minutes. I didn't know the family,
but it left a lasting impression. It just felt so tragic.
So I am an avid bathing supervisor with my kids,
especially if they're five-and-under.
And also paranoid about swimming pools.
The fun thing about this is I get to watch them enjoy
playing in water, which is one of their favorite things,
whether bathing or swimming. I've always taken other
diversions in, like my guitar or a bag of makeup or a magazine,
so they've gotten used to playing by themselves. This means I get to
overhear all the two-sided conversations they invent
between bath toys. It's great fun.

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