Tuesday, July 7, 2009

skyscraper adventures

Elliott saw a Bob the Builder video last month about skyscrapers, and since
then he's been asking lots of questions. Now, Tucson doesn't have a whole lot
of buildings that would qualify as skyscrapers. Maybe 4 or 5.
So today while Eric had jury duty, we went downtown and found us some skyscrapers.
In fact, we went way up the elevators in 3 of them looking for good birds-eye views.
Unfortunately, most of the window-side property in these buildings is behind locked doors
in offices & conference rooms. Finally we found a big window to stand next to and get
that scrumptious, squiggly feeling in our tummies just looking down so far.


sonrisa said...

doesn't having that experience with Elliott make saying good-bye to teeny tiny socks worth it! I can't wait (well I can...)to have those special discovery moments with my kiddos!

Susan Cepin said...

You know, it's true that I so enjoy all the new kinds of interactions that come along as my kids grow up.