Saturday, July 11, 2009

my new favorite book

When I was sick last month, I got a bee in my bonnet about
growing my own produce and reserved a bunch of books from the library.
They've been coming in, and most of them were boring and totally over
my head. My gardening experience is nearly zilch, so all those charts and
graphs about soil pH and soil drainage just wouldn't stick to any brain cells.
Then along came Movable Harvests, which is all about container gardening.
It's absolutely fabulous! It includes specific, thorough instructions for growing all sorts
of fruits & vegetables, including how to make your own soil mixes and
simple directions for when & how to fertilize. Best of all, it has lots of pictures.
I can actually imagine being able to grow some veggies now.
My favorite part is not having to deal with a bunch of digging in the hard,
clay-bound Tucson soil. Also, the book has a section on indoor gardening
and addresses considerations for various climates, including the hot southwest
and the icy northern regions. Don't you just want to go start a container garden now?


Kelsea Nicole said...

Ooh I am excited by this stuff! I love outdoor gardening and one of my greatest regrets about Tucson is that the soil is so hard and difficult to work in. I may have to check this book out sometime.

Susan Cepin said...

Definitely. This book removes all my creative blocks about gardening. And it seems especially worthwhile for apartment dwelling, since there's usually a porch or balcony where you could keep some plants going!