Wednesday, July 1, 2009

fun (er... mostly) with photos

Lately we've been having lots of fun taking jumping shots.
Unfortunately, these are sometimes prone to cause injury.
In the above picture, you can see that Elliott's already a little
confused re: what's about to happen.
Apparently, we didn't brief him well about the fact that he was going to be jumping.
So he got dragged down instead.
Oof! He really got the wind knocked out of him, poor little guy.
Fortunately, the daddy of comfort was near.


Dorkys Ramos said...

I like how you were there documenting all this :)

And yes, jumping shots are so much fun...unless the photographer keeps missing the shot and you have to keep jumping over and over!

Laelia said...

hahaha! I feel bad laughing at his misfortune. I can imagine how shocking and painful it must have been, so I am cringing and laughing at the same time, but the pictures are hilarious! I am sure when he gets older he will be glad that the moment was captured on film. Poor little guy.

Susan Cepin said...

Hi, Dorkys! I've really been enjoying the multiple-shot feature on my camera lately. We do, however, have several versions of that top shot, because they kept coming out blurry and we had to re-do. I guess that's part of the hilarious fun of this sort of thing. By the time you get a good one, everybody's cracking up because the whole idea is so silly.
Laelia - That's exactly how I felt when I took the last photo. It was all so funny and painful and then he had on that adorable sad face. I wanted to go squeeze him, but I just had to document it first!