Friday, June 5, 2009

14. treat yourself to a present if you complete #13.

Now, this may not look like the most exciting present
in the world to you, but to me it looks like
As you may have picked up already, I'm not a big fan
of the Tucson summer heat. And the worst experience
of the Tucson summer heat happens when one is waiting
outside of one's car for one's children to slowly, sleepily,
get out of the car while one is standing on the hot asphalt
with the heat rising up from all of the surrounding cars in the parking lot.
Therefore, my gift to myself this summer is the game of
"How Fast Can We Jump Out Of The Car With All Our Stuff And Close The Doors?".
The stopwatch, while not necessary for the game itself, may be
necessary for selling it to those involved as something fun to do.
And we can also compete with ourselves for the fastest time,
down to the millisecond.
It's a matter of survival, really.

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