Tuesday, May 19, 2009

the summer as i see it

Thanks for hanging in there with me as I circle in my pre-summer holding pattern. I'll be getting the visuals up and running again soon! In fact, I've come up with a plan for that as well. I found this little booklet (you can download it too!) by Michael Nobbs on Drawn.ca. Seeing as there are 75 days of summer (not counting Sundays, since I only attempt 6 posts a week), I've decided to work my way through his 75 ideas (which include simple instructions like "draw your breakfast") in ink & gray marker. My reasons for this: a) coming up with a variety of artistic ideas & inspirations requires time, energy, and a brain; b) once the temperature reaches 95 degrees, I go through complete mental meltdown; c) whatever energy & wherewithall I have left will need to go toward the survival of my children; d) I find this little booklet fun & inspiring. So thanks, Michael Nobbs, for a summer's worth of guidance for my artistic preservation. If any of you would like to join me on this sketchy journey, it looks like he has a flickr group running for people who are doing the same. You can post a note here, and we'll head over to your blog or check out your work on flickr!

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