Saturday, May 9, 2009

checking in

Hello, my dear bloggie friends. I've been highly unmotivated this week, so I have no pictures for you today. I seem to still be recovering from last week's late night sign painting sessions and whatever energy went into the open house on Sunday. Also, though this may be in the too-much-information category, I spent the earlier part of the week struggling with unexpected hormonally-induced angst. Unexpected, because it was a time on the calendar when I thought I'd be feeling super duper. Hormonal, because my husband reminded me that I felt surprisingly low at exactly this point 4- and 8- weeks ago. The benefit of this kind of woe is that it disappears as quickly as it shows up, so yesterday I was feeling fine.
How are you all doing these days? I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


cori said...

bloggie friends, haha! love it. :-)

I had a great weekend, but busy. I had a yard sale yesterday, and nearly all of it was donated by family and friends. My own family helped out a ton... anyway, the forecast for yesterday was supposed to be rainy and cold all day.

Ended up with not one single drop.

AND, when it was over I was counting the money made and was thinking it'd be between 3 and 400 dollars... I really didn't sell a lot of "big items" except for a furniture set for $170. We have lots of leftover stuff.

BUT, I somehow made $640!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!! :-)

Susan Cepin said...

Yay! That's amazing.