Wednesday, May 6, 2009

another perfect system

In spite of the fact that none of you accepted my invitation to show
us your perfect systems, I present to you the second of mine.
Of all the bags, purses, and backpacks I've used over the past few years,
this one tops them all in functionality. Now, it doesn't get top ratings on the
cute factor, but it also doesn't detract from the total look of an outfit
like, say, the pink backpack of 2004 did. The important feature of this
particular bag is that it has 5 pockets, mostly zippered, all just the right
size. This provides distinct locations for the essentials (cell phone, wallet,
lip balm, journal, pens) so I can find them immediately. When I'm in line at
the store or my mobile phone rings, I don't have to go digging around in the huge
abyss of a hobo bag, for example, to find what I'm looking for. Furthermore,
the main compartment is tall enough for a book but skinny enough that it
doesn't permit much more than that (I can cram my big camera in if need be,
but nothing else). This means I can't overload and get weighed down or
lose track of what all's in there.
So there you have it. What's your perfect system?


Rod Hugen said...

Okay, if you are going to get all whinny on us...:)

I bought a 17" laptop and bought a laptop bag to carry it in. It was a little bit too big a bag and I sort of regretted buying it. The fun part is that my cousin who was in the army taught me how to roll up clothes tightly so that they don't wrinkle. I have a small plastic bag that contains a razor, a toothbrush, a three ounce deodorant, a hair brush, and small container of hair spray that I leave in the bag at all times. When traveling I can quickly roll up three or four shirts, an extra pair of pants, enough pairs of socks to last, and some underwear. They can all be packed into one side pocket of the case. I bought an extra power cord for my laptop and an extra cord to charge my phone that I also always leave in the bag. I carry those items and various other computer related things in the other large pocket. There are two small pockets that I can shove a novel into or put my cell phone in while on the plane. I have a leather folder that contains a legal pad, pens, toothpicks (sometimes you really need those) and an extra rhyming dictionary (in case you feel the need to write a poem on the plane). It shoves into the same compartment as the laptop and helps cushion it. Most of my business and church travel is for three or four days so I can carry everything on the plane in my 17" laptop case, along with my laptop! I think it is brilliant and I get to laugh when people travel with me or pick me up at the airport and ask, "Where is your luggage?" :)

Of course, it is kind of heavy and it doesn't have wheels so I have to carry it over my good shoulder. And you can't buy stuff to take back with you like good traveling husbands and fathers do because there is very little extra room. Still, I love being gone Monday through Friday living out of a laptop bag.

Is this what you had in mind?

Susan Cepin said...

Thanks, Rod. That's beautiful! If you send me a picture of this traveling wonder, I'll post it. It's great to hear about your perfect system... I'm inspired to fly somewhere now.

cori said...

Always being sure that I have some cookie dough in the fridge for my pre-bedtime snack... is that a system? :)

I can't think of something else I do consistently, haha!

Susan Cepin said...

Oh, yes. Oh yes, it is. And a perfect one at that.